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The Worst Kind Of Bully

  For many young boys sport and education are diametrically opposed. Time in the classroom, for those boys, is time wasted. It could be much better spent on the sports ground, honing their kicking, catching or throwing. That isn’t how I started out, but it is how I ended up, as a schoolboy. I came first in my first year, but by the time I’d … Continue reading The Worst Kind Of Bully

My Word Of Honour

  The news these days is full of controversy, scandal and outrage at almost every aspect of life.  From birth to death and everything in between, has some form of conflict attached to it in our community. No wonder there is a growing level of anxiety, because there is such division. This also means our index of happiness is adversely affected. In the famous words … Continue reading My Word Of Honour

My Brain Is Bigger Than I Thought

When I was growing up, and even in my young adulthood, brains were finite instruments. They could not become better, but they could become worse. The reason was that science had not yet discovered the natural neuroplasticity of our most incredible ‘organ’. Nowadays we are allowed to change our mental capacity, some experts say, simply by changing our thinking. We can do this either positively … Continue reading My Brain Is Bigger Than I Thought

How Much Love Can A Heart Contain?

Anyone who has ever lost a family pet, whether it is a cat or dog, will know how heartbreaking it can be and many a person has needed to take some time to grieve before ever considering replacing that pet. I am one of those people. In fact, our first pet after we got married was a dog. The dog’s name was Lulu and she … Continue reading How Much Love Can A Heart Contain?

On The Beach In Monte Carlo

Culture is what defines much of who we are and how we view the world around us. But who we are looks at culture through a very narrow lens. As a person with European heritage, I would have thought that my cultural outlook would have been well aligned with the behaviour of other Europeans, but this is not necessarily so.  In fact, the term European … Continue reading On The Beach In Monte Carlo

Einstein’s Theory Of Happiness

  There was a time when every doctor’s, dentist’s and accountant’s reception area contained a pile of reading material perfect for perusing as you waited for your appointment.  This was the ubiquitous Readers Digest magazine, the nearest thing to the internet we had back then. There were short articles on interesting people. A monthly collection of interesting words and their meanings, even novels abbreviated for … Continue reading Einstein’s Theory Of Happiness

William Rickett’s Bodyguards

When we think about security guards we tend to imagine meat axe men, with bulging muscles, thick necks and black uniforms, surrounding celebrities or entrances to important events. This story is about a very different approach to personal security. William Ricketts was a man of diminutive stature but considerable status among many Melbournians. He was a pioneer conservationist, at a time when that was not … Continue reading William Rickett’s Bodyguards

Adult Immigration

Ten years previous to this story we had immigrated unofficially to Canada. That was when we hadn’t matured enough to know what it entailed. This is a story about reading signs. I’m not talking about road signs, but signs that indicate whether or not to progress down a particular path. Nine years after returning to South Africa from our first foray into life overseas, we were ready to try again. … Continue reading Adult Immigration

Don’t Judge A Bird By Its Feathers.

It’s a cold day in Melbourne as I write this story, with grey skies and an autumn chill in the air. But only weeks ago we experienced a heat wave. Five days of temperatures around forty degrees meant that most of Melbourne was muttering about how tough life is when you’re faced with such heat. On a personal level I’m confined most of the day … Continue reading Don’t Judge A Bird By Its Feathers.

Choosing The Right Car For My Son

I love four-wheel driving. I like being in the country, off the beaten track, and experiencing what nature has to offer once you leave so-called civilisation behind. There is so much to see and so much diversity. We had seen quite a bit of South Africa by going on off-road adventures, but Australia was a whole new adventure. To see what there was to see … Continue reading Choosing The Right Car For My Son