My Movie

The most amazing thing happens when we read. By looking at line after line of squiggles we are able to create in our mind a series of pictures that illustrate what the squiggles represent. And anyone who has ever read a novel, then seen the movie, knows how disappointing the movies can be. That’s because what you pictured when you read the book is never … Continue reading My Movie

The Dad Whisperer

These days many people first become parents in their thirties. This, in most cases, ensures that they’ve lived an adult life for some time before taking on one of the biggest responsibilities any of us ever face. We, on the other hand, were young. In our early twenties we’d only been adults for a while and I, in particular, had not transitioned that well from … Continue reading The Dad Whisperer

Here’s How To Purchase Your Copy Of Bent Thumb Thinking – The Book

Graham Crossan’s highly entertaining new book is now available online. You can order from the following sources. One of the links below will be best for you to order your copy of Bent Thumb Thinking: AUSTRALIA Busybird Publishing Amazon Australia UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Amazon US REST OF THE WORLD Printed In Your Region In record time the BTT Book has been published. Now it’s … Continue reading Here’s How To Purchase Your Copy Of Bent Thumb Thinking – The Book

Taking On A Gangster

Here’s a simple question with a very simple answer. What’s the difference between boxing and fighting? I told you the answer is simple. It’s one word. Rules. In my life I have, for the most part, avoided fights. But in my youth I did a small amount of boxing. This was not because I wanted to, but because my physical education teacher thought it was … Continue reading Taking On A Gangster

And Now For The Book

Bent Thumb Thinking – The Book Is At The Printers It’s been a looooooong few months! Phew! The result? The Bent Thumb Thinking Book is all but complete. It’s due for launch on the 5th December in Melbourne! A few people wondered if we could get it all done in the short time we had, but thanks to an amazing amount of help from my … Continue reading And Now For The Book

The Thumb Is Very Excited

The time for thinking and writing is over. The Crowdfunding campaign on Pozible is now live. Please click on the link below to make a pledge in support of making Bent Thumb Thinking – The Book – a reality. The Thumb is very excited. If you have read my stories and enjoyed them please let other people know about the crowdfunding page and share … Continue reading The Thumb Is Very Excited

Our House

Six months after arriving in Australia to settle here, we bought our first Aussie house. It was in a small Melbourne street appropriately called Harts Parade. Our hearts were in its future as a place to call home, but if the truth be known, it wasn’t a house we liked. What we could see the certain potential in it. Before moving in we planned to … Continue reading Our House


 Landing in a new country is not the end, nor the beginning of the end. It’s only the end of the beginning of immigration. Let’s face it, many of the things we do in life we don’t think through before doing them. As a matter of fact, if we did, we wouldn’t get half as many things done as we’ve managed to. That goes for … Continue reading IMMATURE IMMIGRATION PART 2

Immature Immigration – Part 1           

Looking back on one’s life can provide a picture of a person you’ve completely forgotten. In some cases it can be a pleasing revelation, whilst in others it’s a shock to realise just what you were like way back when… This is a story about immigration. Considering how often the word ‘immigration’ is in the news these days, and most often in a negative context, … Continue reading Immature Immigration – Part 1           


I spent a day at a hospital recently. During that time I had consultations with my neurologist, an occupational therapist, a speech pathologist, a dietician and a dentist. Each one of them was focussed entirely on helping me – on making my life easier, safer and possibly even more productive. I left there exhausted. Grateful, but drained. This got me thinking about how I have … Continue reading Help!